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Best of Season 1 - Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast

January 24th, 2019

This special episode features highlights from Season 1 of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast (Jan 2018-Dec 2018).

A great episode to start with if you're just discovering this show and want to see what we're all about... or if you simply want to re-live all those stomach wrenching guffaws that made you lose your s**t the first time round go right ahead and press play!

Join Dan, Amy, Jamie and Tom along with a bucket load of incredible special guests from the world of comedy and entertainment for this very special BEST OF episode!

Episode running order:

  • Not Porn! (with Marie Edwards)
  • Truth Hour - Traffic cones
  • Let’s be Queen
  • Ask Angela - (with Marie Edwards and Marc ap Anthony)
  • Movie Trailer
  • Hyperactive Satnav
  • The Weird Noel James Interview (with Noel James)
  • Marinade vs Sex Addiction (with Alanna Vale-Jones)
  • Sexy Advert
  • The Uninvited (with Marie Edwards)
  • Good Cop Good Cop (with Siânny Thomas)
  • Health & Stacey (with Simon Emanuel)
  • Winning! (with Ben Langley)
  • Mispronouncing Food (with Luigi Sabato and Simon Emanuel)
  • Wish You Weren’t Here (with Sarah Bridgeman)
  • Sherlock 3000
  • Francis Breadboard’s Time is Up

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