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Dan Thomas Interview

May 20th, 2019

He finally got round to learning how to ride a bike this year, it’s frenetic and utterly charming standup comedian Dan Thomas.
Dan has been performing standup comedy since 2005 and has toured all across the UK, performing in both English and Welsh and supporting Russel Kane on tour. As you can imagine, we were thrilled to record a bunch of comedy sketches with Dan recently in Cardiff and these will be featured in the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast S2Ep4 (available June 1st 2019).
Amidst the comedy sketch madness we took some time out to chat with Dan about his passion for books and movies, outdated video game consoles, t-shirts with obscure pop culture references, his outlook on standup comedy, his favourite salad (Spoiler: It's just lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes), and why it’s ok to eat sushi incorrectly. He also regales us with a truly memorable story that we wish we could un-hear. Seriously…ew. You have been warned.
Follow Dan Thomas on Twitter and Instagram @danthomascomedy and make sure you catch him performing standup live at a comedy venue near you!
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