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Knitting with Hot Spaghetti - S2Ep3

May 1st, 2019

In what promises to be the greatest podcast download of the decade, the Comedy Geek gang decide to do a bit of modelling for the fans, exchange friendship wigs, and do a lot of grunting. Also in this episode, confidence guru David Tickle attempts to make “The Ultimate Sacrifice” and the Geek Report are joined by showbiz consultant and kebab expert Jane Jalapeño.
This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber and features special guest Nathan Webb. Narration by Jamie Davies.
You can check out all the latest news, live dates and videos from Nathan Webb at and make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel for some hilarious parody songs and homemade curry recipes!
Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more great shows.
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