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Stefan Pejic Interview

February 10th, 2019

He once got paid to throw an apple at Hugh Grant's face and now he gets regular royalty payments for it. It's the multi-talented magician/comedian/writer/actor Stefan Pejic!

Amy and Dan take a moment to relax with their special guest after a pleasant afternoon recording comedy sketches and learn about Stefan's journey from Butlins redcoat and child actor to the exciting world of entertainment and Cliff Richard impersonations.

So whether you're on your summer holidays or just wired for sound, we're certain you'll enjoy this super special bonus episode of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast. What a great special guest to kick off season 2! We can't wait to launch very soooooooon...

Visit Stefan Pejic's website at to find out when his next shows are happening and find him online.

Facebook: Stefan Pejic Entertainer

Twitter and Instagram: StefanPejic.Official

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