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The Comedy Geek Christmas Special 2018 - Ep12

December 1st, 2018

Join Comedy Geek and their very special guests for a Christmas comedy sketch spectacular!
With appearances from many of your favourite Comedy Geek characters including “Ask Angela”, “Chardonnay & Binky”, “The GEEK Report”, “Toby Not Porn Xerox" and “The Agents of ODD”, plus a whole array of delightful new oddballs, this episode is guaranteed to leave a distinctive comedy taste in your mouth this festive season.
So why not pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the Comedy Geek Season 1 Christmas Special 2018!
Written and performed by Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber, Jamie Davies and Marie Edwards. Special guests: Ben Langley, Alanna Vale-Jones and Siânny Thomas, (and possibly Zac Efron, we're not quite sure).
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Ben Langley is a well-loved entertainer, writer, comic, showman, children's TV presenter, BGT star and all-round fantastic bloke. Go and check out his website and follow him on Twitter @BenLangley. Tell him we sent you and say howdy doody!
Siânny Thomas is an exceptional comic from South Wales who recently made it through to the semi-finals of the Welsh Unsigned Stand-Up Awards 2018. Wow! Follow her on Twitter @siannybach and tell her how much she makes you laugh.
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  • 1 - The Truth Hour: The Man Who Discovered Breakfast
  • 2 - Premature Christmas Charity Appeal
  • 3 - Good Cops at Christmas: Santa Thief
  • 4 - Amy is singing!
  • 5 - Chardonnay & Binky: Donation Bucket
  • 6 - Too Happy
  • 7 - MEGA NOG!!!!!
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  • 8 - The Geek Report Christmas Special
  • 9 - Grampa, Get Your Words Out!
  • 10 - Winning!
  • 11 - Meet The Parents
  • 12 - Jamie is inspired by Bob Geldof
  • 13 - Now everyone is singing!
  • 14 - Ask Angela: Kissing Dick
  • 15 - Language & Diversity Programme: Juggling
  • 16 - Agents of ODD: The Confounding Yuletide Transgression
  • 17 - Toby Xerox and The Xmas Audiobook that is Definitely Not Porn
  • 18 - Comedy Geek's Christmas Message
  • 19 - Arianna’s Christmas Call Centre Adventure
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