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The Walk of Shame - Ep6

June 1st, 2018

In this groundbreaking episode of the C.G. Podcast: an exclusive trailer for the questionable new movie "Jaws… But with a Cow", agony aunt Angela returns with more questionable advice, and a team of questionable council workers attempt to name a rather whiffy street. Also, some questionable hands-free devices play God, a questionable car salesman sketch gets very punny, and some questionable Brits struggle with the names of popular Italian cuisine. 
Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guests: Simon Emanuel, Luigi Sabato and Marie Edwards.
Simon Emanuel is an incredible Welsh stand-up comedian/TV and radio personality with a flaire for manic, quick witted humour and we highly recommend you follow him on Facebook and catch his lively stand-up act at the next possible opportunity.
Luigi Sabato is a British-Italian actor, producer and film director with a love of great humour.
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